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The «meta(re)presentations» article by Moras Antonis is published in it. In Maria Voyatzakis’ (editor of the issue) words «Meta(re)presentations essay authored by Antonis Moras, PhD candidate at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, reviews the key literature on the notion of metarepresentations in fields beyond architecture. The essay is an attempt of rereading the conception of representations in the architectural domain. Two main categories of metarepresentations in architecture are proposed and depend on their effect on thinking representations; Content and context aware metarepresentations Content aware metarepresentations are based on a value system and can be divided in two categories. The first one is characterized by standardization and selfreferentiality while the other one is structured as criticism by enabling referencing and quoting within content. Characteristic examples are modern and postmodern architecture. As the author argues “Context aware metarepresentations resemble the condition of monitoring a system by focusing on the relations between the different parts that temporarily constitute it as such. Characteristic examples are post-cybernetic and post-digital architectures”. profile pic

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