Renovation / Rehabilitation of an old house in Skopelos

Last months we have been working on the renovation of an almost century old house in the chora of the island of Skopelos after we filled for the necessary building permit. We have already finished with the rebuilding of the roof, the restoration of the doors and the old wooden windows and the restoration of the wooden floor and now we move to tiling, building a contemporary kitchen with rustic touches, building a new bathroom, a new fireplace and final finishes / detailing. During the reconstruction the matterials used were mostly found on the island, no prefabrication, just site-sensitive manual work. This happened both because we wanted to keep the built essence of the house and to keep a low carbon footprint.

project team; Skoura Natalia (civil eng), Moras Antonis (architect eng), Georgouli Chaido (architect eng), Despoina Palli (architect eng.)