Construction of house in Glysteri, Skopelos

We are finishing the construction of a detached house in Glysteri, in the island of Skopelos. This is our second project in Skopelos. The owner of the house had stopped the construction for some years and we were asked to finish it according to plans we were provided but we had a lot of chances to propose specific details for the windows and the doors, that matteriality of the house in general plus we are currently designing the kitchen, the bathrooms and the landscape of the house. The traditional architecture of Skopelos was the point as you might expect.

Of course we did construction management. Not too bad since the view is magnificent and it doesnt feel like work at all.

project team; Skoura Natalia (civil eng), Moras Antonis (architect eng), Georgouli Chaido (architect eng), Despoina Palli (architect eng.)